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Música Harmónia – A book of musical lore. Players consult this compendium to attain knowledge of the elements of music in order to construct spells and acquire resources.


Side A of a two sided Rune. This is the bass clef C Rune. A player must collect all twelve in order to return to the Grand Staff Tree and win the game.

Side B of the bass clef C Rune.

Eighth note Tala coins. They are two-sided with each side shown here.


Tala Coins – These are golden coins in the denomination of musical notes. Sixteenth notes are the smallest and least valuable, and whole notes are the most valuable. (4 beats) Players acquire these by correctly answering Oracle Questions, performing musical tasks, or by trade. They can then be used to buy spells or even to negotiate the release of Guardians. They can be combined to create rhythms that increase their value.

Quarter note Tala coins
Half note Talas

Character Cards- These are used in game play to represent characters, and as a reference for their special abilities and musical themes. Some of them are good and some are evil. Players can choose to play the game as either good or evil.





Yamuna the Merdiva

Instrument: Flute
Power Level: Merdiva 7
Special Powers: Mindspeak, Aura, Healing, Oracle.


Welcome to Harmonia,

Magical Land of Music!

This is the Grand Staff Station of the complex web of mushrooms that are connected to the mushroom portal in the north of Harmonia known as the Muna Doorway. This is the main gate for travel between the magical worlds. But only Wizards and Sorceresses can use it and only during the Lunarum when the full moons of Harmonia are aligned.

However, if one knows the correct spell which is a secret melody, one can travel to other stations or gates within Harmonia. But only the most skilled can undertake such a journey as the melodies are not only different for each gate, but always changing. The traveler risks getting stranded in the mushroom vortex until found by a wizard or sorceress.



Dando the Dragon

Instrument: Upright Bass, Percussion, Saxophone, Woodwinds, Voice
Power Level: Dragon Guardian 3
Note: D, Db, D#
Special Powers: Fire Spells, Subsonic Waves, Imaginating, Dreaming.


Eve the Elf

Instrument: Flute, Oboe, Viola, Hammered Duclimer, Voice
Power Level: Elf Guardian 4
Note: E, Eb, E#
Special Powers: Aura, Melodic and Harmonic Spells, Dreaming, Imaginating, Divination, Potions.


Flicksie the Faerie

Instrument: Violin, Viola, Piano, Voice
Power Level: Faerie Guardian 5
Note: F, Fb, F#
Special Powers: Aura, Melodic Spells, Dreaming, Imaginating, Illusion Spells, Healing, Amulets.